Thursday, August 31, 2017

Reed Isaac – 3 Months Old

August 31, 2017


You just keep getting cuter and we love you soooo much!  This month was pretty fantastic.  We are super comfortable taking you places.  You are happy all the time!  Mollie and I took you to your two month check and it was hard watching you get shots.  Then you went on your first vacation and stayed in your first hotel in Dallas, TX.

We went to a few birthday parties and lots of school activities with Big Sissy because she started school this month.  We miss her during the day, but I am enjoying my one-on-one time with you!  I figured I should start setting you down a bit, and right at 3 Months old, on August 31st you rolled over from your back to your belly.


First Vacation Pictures HERE

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August 2017


This month after our vacation: Reed had a perfect 2 Month check up, Nate watched Mamaw and Papaw walk out of their house for the last time, Mollie started Pre-K, We got all the penguins on the “Don’t Rock the Boat” game, Painted some pottery, saw the total eclipse, Mollie held a snake at Duncan’s birthday party, and both Mollie and Reed continued to grow healthy and strong!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Grandma’s Tuesdays with Mollie

Every Tuesday for the last 4 1/2 years, Grandma has driven up from Purcell to keep Mollie for us while I went to work.  It is bittersweet for Mollie to start school because now Grandma’s “Tuesdays with Mollie” as she likes to say, will be cut short. 

I hope someday she will understand how special it was to have her Grandma come see her every week and that they will always have a special bond.


It just conveniently worked out that now we have our Reed Man, so Grandma has kept coming to keep him.  Now she gets to pick Mollie up from school and see her for a couple hours. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mollie’s First Day of Pre-K

August 17, 2017

Skyview Elementary, Yukon


Oh my gravy…. how did this day come soooo fast!  We can’t believe that Mollie is in school all day, every day.  I have been dreading this, praying and gearing myself up all summer.  What was I going to do without my girl?  She was also such a great helper with Reed being so little.  We knew that she was ready… and that was affirmed even more when she marched right into her class and settled in without shedding a tear. 

The night before, her teachers had given us some fun “Ready Confetti” to sprinkle under her pillow.  Through tears, I read her the cute little poem and off to bed she went.  Nate made such fun of me but his time was coming…


I made sure to get everyone up extra early for mandatory first day pictures.


My heart was bursting and I had a lump in my throat the whole time.  Everyone says that time goes even faster when they start school, and now I know they are right.  Nate and I are so very proud of our big girl and love her soooo much. 

Like I said before, Mollie was fine at drop off.  I had a few tears… but Daddy couldn’t stop crying.  He had not prepared like I had, and now we had just left our baby with strangers, in a new place and it was weird.  There was no way we were making it to the tour after drop off…. we basically ran out of there, wiping our eyes all the way to the car.

The next day went a little better:


Your dad and I are your biggest fans!  Go change the world, baby girl.  This is our prayer for you this school year:

“Keep your eyes open, Hold tight to your convictions, Give it all you’ve got, Be resolute, and Love without stopping” 1 Cor. 16:13-14

Keep your eyes open…. make sure you are seeing the people around you.  Obey and respect your teachers, and look for opportunities to befriend your classmates.

Hold tight to your convictions…. you know what’s right and what’s wrong.  You know when others are hurt or confused.  Don’t ever make someone feel bad.  Remember what we’ve taught you and remember what God has already put in your sweet little tender heart.

Give it all you’ve got…. At whatever you’re doing in class, do it right.  And, do it to the best of your ability.  We know you can do it all!

Be resolute…. Lead.  Don’t be a follower and do things just because others are. 

Love without stopping… We see your kind heart.  Show your class.