Friday, March 24, 2017

Baby #2–30 Week Ultra Sound

March 23, 2017


This was an exciting day!  I love ultra sounds and seeing our growing boy!  I have been saying the entire time how low and big I think he is.  These things were confirmed when we found out his legs were straight down to my center (where he likes to tap dance) and that he already weighs over four pounds.

We got to make sure he is, in fact, a boy… that he has some hair… and that he already doesn’t like to look at the camera ;)  After lots of maneuvering, she was able to get a pretty good 3D profile pic.

We so look forward to meeting this sweet boy!  Just trying to be patient these days… and now we know that he needs to turn!


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017


Highlights Include:  Nate and I getting the flu and laying in bed for almost two weeks, Mollie getting to put stickers all over the house because we were too sick to care, Sidewalk chalk fun, Tiara wearing, Valentine’s Day, Donuts with Dad at MDO (2.15.17), Helping Papa at the monument place, Visiting Nana Lue, Ninjago, Moving up to a booster car seat, Brendan being big, Mom/Daughter twinning nails, Hugs for Claire Bear, Family fun for Brian’s birthday, and Nate getting to baptize!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Reed’s Room

Over a year ago, we re-did our back bedroom as a place for all of our baseball stuff.  We called it the baseball room and it was an awesome guest bedroom where we worked out.  Often, when I would be back there I would pray that God would fill this room with a precious baby boy.

I can’t believe that in a few short weeks, there will be a baby boy here… and he will love his baseball room ;)


We didn’t have to do any painting or decorating as it was already a baseball room.  But we did redo a cheap craigslist-find dresser.  Mollie loved helping sand and paint… complete with hard hat and Minnie Mouse slippers.

We also ordered some precious initials for the main wall, and got all our baby stuff our of the attic.  Big sister approves of the crib!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Baby #2 – 27 Weeks

February 26, 2017

27 Weeks with Reed

How Far Along: 27 weeks

Size: Baby Boy is the size of a rutabaga: 14.5 in. long and around 2 lbs.

New Baby Developments: He is practicing inhaling and exhaling with his rapidly developing lungs. And, he is showing brain activity!  If he were born today he would have a 99% chance to survive.

Cravings: Nacho Cheese Doritos, Little White Donuts

Aversions: Anything gooey… Still sausage and salad too.

Movement: He is constantly moving!  And way down low this time.  So much more movement than I ever felt with Mollie.

Looking Forward To: Another ultra sound next month, Seeing his sweet face!

Best Moment Since the Last Update:  Finding out that our prayers have been answered even more, because it’s a boy!  And, seeing Mollie get more and more excited about being a sister.  She feels my belly all the time and tells Reed goodnight every night.


Pregnancy Compare Pictures:

27 Weeks27 Weeks with Reed

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017


This was the first year that Mollie got to give out and receive valentines.  She absolutely loved it!  She puts her hands over her heart and says, “aren’t these just so sweet!”  She had a great time at MDO and plans to keep her valentines “forever and ever.”

Of course she got a surprise on Valentine’s Day morning too.  I just love seeing that smile.