Monday, July 31, 2017

July 2017


Good times this month:  Mollie had so much fun playing with Reed… and he can’t even play yet.  She had a daughter/daddy date to the movies, got new rainbow light up shoes for school, fell more in love with swimming, started to make lists and got really into “decorating” the house with pictures she had colored.  She is a hoot these days! 

Reed is growing so fast!  We feel like he is changing every day.  He has started to love his baths and makes the sweetest baby sounds ever.  He is sleeping really well at night…. only getting up once.  He even sleeps til 5am most nights!  Best. Baby. Ever.

Reed Isaac–Two Months Old

July 31, 2017


Reed, you are just the cutest baby ever!  This month you rocked it at church with us on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.  You learned to love baths and have even taken a few with Mollie.  You celebrated your first holiday with fireworks on the 4th.  You have become very easy to take places… we just have to keep you fed and you are one happy boy!  You got to play with cousin Walter and lastly… had to get your 2 month shots. 

We can’t believe how fast time is flying and are soaking up every minute because you are seeming to develop faster than normal.  You study our faces so intently when we talk to you.  When we stick out our tongues, you try to do it back.  And, when we wave at you, you lift your hand.  So you are basically a genius already!


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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July

This was Reed’s first holiday!  I had fun dressing him in some red, white and blue to take pictures with sissy.


He was so little, we didn’t know if we should even try the fireworks this year… but we braved it anyways.  Usually we went on July 3rd, but it rained this year so we went on the 4th.

We met the Tennysons and Odens there are had a good ol time.  When the fireworks started Reed was in Margaret’s lap and Mollie was in my lap… and our hands were over both of their ears.  Reed didn’t even flinch… slept through the whole thing.  And, Mollie girl loved all the bright colors.IMG_7415IMG_7417IMG_7424IMG_7418IMG_7419IMG_7427


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Reed Isaac–One Month Old

June 30, 2017


You are such a big boy already!  This month… you were born!  You went back to the hospital your fist whole week for jaundice checks.  You got to spend a whole week with Mommy and Sissy while Daddy was at Falls Creek.  You spent the night with Mom and Mollie at Grandma and Papa’s.  You met a ton of family and friends!  You had your first check up at the doctor, your first real bath, your first trip to Whataburger and Sam’s, and you are growing like crazy!  Your favorite thing is to eat!  And you started to smile when Mollie talks to you!

We all love you so much!  You are too cute!  And, we really appreciate you being so chill and easy going ;)


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Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017


Highlights Include: Having Reed with us!, Surviving a week without Daddy while he was at Falls Creek, Packing up the whole house to spend the night with Grandma and Papa, Lots of visitors, Lots of games with my girl, Reed’s first trip to Whataburger, and Mollie loving some bread.