Saturday, July 1, 2017

Reed Isaac–One Month Old

June 30, 2017


You are such a big boy already!  This month… you were born!  You went back to the hospital your fist whole week for jaundice checks.  You got to spend a whole week with Mommy and Sissy while Daddy was at Falls Creek.  You spent the night with Mom and Mollie at Grandma and Papa’s.  You met a ton of family and friends!  You had your first check up at the doctor, your first real bath, your first trip to Whataburger and Sam’s, and you are growing like crazy!  Your favorite thing is to eat!  And you started to smile when Mollie talks to you!

We all love you so much!  You are too cute!  And, we really appreciate you being so chill and easy going ;)


More pictures HERE.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017


Highlights Include: Having Reed with us!, Surviving a week without Daddy while he was at Falls Creek, Packing up the whole house to spend the night with Grandma and Papa, Lots of visitors, Lots of games with my girl, Reed’s first trip to Whataburger, and Mollie loving some bread.

VBS 2017

June 25-29, 2017

It is so fun to watch Mollie grow and learn.  Like she does these days… she wasn’t too sure about VBS.  But she warmed up to everything and ended up loving it!  Of course, Fluffy had to go along so that always helps.IMG_7323

Because Reed was so brand new, I didn’t get to help this year.  But, we ventured out a few days and watched Mollie sing her songs.  I love seeing her sing songs of praise.  It is oh so sweet to see my baby say such sweet words about Jesus!  I already see Him working in her and it is amazing to watch her little heart develop a love for Him already.


Nate, of course, was way more involved than the average youth pastor.  He ran the music six times a day and helped Melissa with whatever.  At the end of the week, the kids gave a huge offering so they both got pied in the face.  It was funny to watch for sure.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Father’s Day 2017

June 18, 2017

IMG_7226IMG_7254This year, the week before Father’s Day was Falls Creek.  So Mollie and I didn’t have to be very sneaky choosing a gift… Going to Lowe’s to pick up his gift was my first trip out with both kids, and we made it just fine.  Mollie picked out a bright green power washer for him this year… complete with a Star Wars card and wrapping paper.

This year, was also Nate’s first as a father of two!  Reed was 18 days old…. and he already loves his Daddy so much!

All three of us are just completely in love with our Nate.  He is our rock and we are definitely lost without him.  Mollie and Reed are super blessed to have such a hard-working, humble, wonderful father!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Reed’s First Days

Reed’s first week was pretty sweet.  Exhausting for sure, but oh so sweet!  Most of the time Nate, Mollie and I took turns holding him…. one of us was always waiting for our turn. 


It included daily trips back to the hospital to have jaundice checks.  This was pretty frustrating because “there was a new computer system” and it took a long time to go to registration and have four different people “do this for the first time.”  After we went through registration, we would go back to the women’s center and wait for a nurse to draw blood from his little heel… and then wait for the results (which was also “taking a lot longer than usual because of the new system”).  This made all four of us pretty tired and we were ready for a whole day at home.


The good news came after our fourth check… his jaundice levels went down!  We were sure we would either be going back into the hospital or going home with a light, but God answered our prayers again and he was just fine.

We also had lots of visitors those first few days…


He was a pretty busy little guy… We had doctor’s visits, jaundice checks, lunch dates, visitors, newborn pictures and meals.  Then daddy had to go to Falls Creek and things got even crazier ;)  I was packing up the whole house to go to Grandma and Papa’s, even more visitors and even less sleep…. if I was ever going to have another baby, I would not do that again.  But, I was happy to have my little helper!  Mollie loved you from the start, Reed Isaac!  She has been the best big sister ever!