Monday, February 26, 2018

Mollie’s Got Spirit

Our sweet girl.  She is just the best…. She is completely organized and knows exactly where she wants everything to go.  She is also already very particular about what she wears…. I’m already praying about the teenage years.

For Dr.Suess week at her school they had different days and she loved it!

Hat Day:


Dress as what you want to be when you grow up:

She chose a teacher…. Melt me.  She was too funny in her little glasses with her little nametag.  Her teacher this year, Mrs. Simpson, has been the absolute best.  She is definitely an answered prayer and I love how much Mollie loves her!


Pajama Day:


Wear Green Day:


I didn’t get a picture of crazy sock day…. She didn’t go crazy Winking smile

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ice Ice Breaky

February 20, 2018

We weren’t expecting a freak ice storm to roll in after we had been having somewhat warmer weather…. but it definitely hit downtown hard.  After driving away from work we noticed how it seemed to hit the church harder than anywhere else.

Just as it was coming in, Nate was walking across the street to the office from the youth room and slipped.  It was a tiny little slip that would deeply effect the next twelve weeks of our lives.  He heard all kinds of pops and wobbled his way inside to call me for help.

We were thinking he just sprained it, but went to the doctor just in case.


It was somewhat comical at the doctor’s office.  Nate was in good spirits and we were both in a little shock.  Then when we got home… reality set in.  And, I learned how much Nate helps me every day around the house and with the kids.

It was an extremely rough few days before we got a knee scooter.  He was able to get around a lot better without the crutches.  He ever screwed my bike basket to the front…. and we used the hound out of it!


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valentine’s Day 2018


This was Reed’s first Valentine’s Day and he was super cute in his “Mommy’s Heartbreaker” shirt. 


This was Mollie’s first time to need a Valentine’s box for school.  We had a lot of fun making a princess castle.  She cut everything herself and it turned out awesome!

I got to go to her Valentine’s Day Party at school.  It was a little crazy, as all Pre-K parties are, but it was fun.  I love seeing her interact with all her school friends.


She came home with way too much candy… but a huge smile!


Nate and I didn’t forget about each other either…. I am so grateful to have him as My Love!


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Reed Isaac – 8 Months

January 31, 2018


This was a huge month for our Bubba!  You celebrated your first new year.  Started eating real food in a high chair, giving kisses, crawling and pulling up.  You also can drink from a straw and are very close to saying Mama.  You are already so adventurous and like to study every little thing you see.

More Pics: HERE

Comparison Pics:


January 2018

File Feb 15, 3 37 32 PMFile Feb 15, 3 37 49 PMFile Feb 15, 3 38 05 PMFile Feb 15, 3 38 20 PMFile Feb 15, 3 36 55 PM


Highlights Include:  Reed riding in the shopping cart for the first time, Mollie starting basketball, conquering her fear of the dentist and losing her first tooth, and Staying with Grandma & Papa and Grandmama & Granddaddy while we went to Disciple Now.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reed Isaac – 7 Months

December 31, 2017


This was a big month for you!  You got to celebrate Mollie’s 5th birthday.  Had a perfect 6 month check up.. didn’t even cry too much with the shots.  Then we went all over the place for your first Christmas!  You are a great little traveler as long as the car is moving.

You also look super sweet in your first jeans and got to try your first Chick-fil-a french fry!  We can’t quit looking at you because you are so dang cute!  Can’t handle those pouty little lips… you have also started trying to give kisses.


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Comparison Pics: